A cost-effective alternative to hiring

The highest cost to any small or large business is the staffing and recruiting.

Business development through market penetration can be very tricky and become a costly process. Hiring staff in multiple markets isn’t an effective strategy for any growing brand. MABE understands this fact and provides a cost-effective, alternative solution to this expansion hurdle.

Once commissioned, your appointed MABE consultant will take over the stress that comes with market penetration, allowing you, the client, to focus on the more significant needs of your business. We will act as your remote worker, with the sole responsibility of ensuring your transition into new markets is a smooth and seamless process and a lucrative one too.

Brand Health Check

Market penetration is an exciting and rewarding period for any growing brand; however, it is essential to know that not all brands will be ready to take this next step.

Local retailers and distribution partners will want to carry out product evaluations and a brand due-diligence check before agreeing on a sales revenue partnership. Several factors are taken into consideration in any buyer’s decision-making process when selecting new brands to adopt. One could be benchmarking your brand’s share of voice against competing brands already present in the market (organic mentions across social media). Another may be that a retailer partner wishes to take a more in-depth look into your existing distribution model and revenue numbers. Rest assured, we have you covered. MABE will provide a complimentary ‘brand health check’ assessment to ensure your brand is in good standing and ready for expansion.

Preparation and Planning

Once you have completed our brand health check and are good to go, you will be assigned a business development consultant who will work with you on the administration process.

New markets often mean new rules. VAT rates, product certification, licensing and registration, packaging, and local translations all will play a factor when expanding your brand’s footprint across borders. Sounds like much hassle, right? Wrong, we have you covered here too!

Your business development specialist understands this process inside out and will work with you to ensure all the correct documentation is secured and complete.

Retail & Distribution Partners

Selecting the right partners across shores can be troublesome at best and potentially brand-damaging at worse if you are new to this type of selection process.

MABE acts solely on behalf of our brands and will consult with them, ensuring that the right retail or distributions partners are selected from our vast network of trusted partners within the regions in which we operate. MABE will negotiate the best rates on your behalf and manage the contractual agreements between the parties. It’s important to know that this is just the beginning. MABE will continue to work closely with your partners to ensure your brand and products are presented in line with your brand’s identity, provide staff training, and will begin to build a sales revenue forecast on your behalf allowing you to measure the success of your placements early on.

PR, Influencers and Social Marketing

The final, but most important part of the process is to ensure that your brand is well supported in the new markets it hopes to penetrate. Digital media is proving an increasingly indispensable factor in any brand’s success. As platforms such as Instagram and YouTube become the new place for consumers to window shop, growing brands need to produce highly impactful digital campaigns that stand out from the noise. Social Influencers’ have become today’s publications and can heavily contribute to the sales performance of any product. MABE will consultant on your behalf with local PR & Communication agencies and agree on a digital launch plan which provides the foundation needed for your brand to be built up for success early on and throughout your product placement.

Fully managed comprehensive service

  • Brand assessment health check
  • Local product licensing and registration
  • Secure retailers and distribution partners
  • Inspection of POS locations
  • Sales revenue reporting
  • Recruit local influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Recruit local PR & Marketing agencies
  • Recruit local translation specialists
  • Secure local staff and educational trainers



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