What is a brand?

MABE brand consultants are an experienced group of visionaries, mastery creatives, and skilled community drivers who have a sharp, focused edge in creating new trends and cultures.

Successful brands are developed by providing high-quality products that deliver the perceived benefits users expect. A brand can establish an advantage over its competitors by creating a unique position in the market and in the minds of its customers.

A brand is the core product augmented by a set of additional distinctive features that add value and deliver specific benefits to its users. Features that typically make up what is referred to as a brand bible, such as reputation, sentiment, loyalty, equity, values, messaging, beliefs, community, and culture.

Protect Your Future 

As a brand, it is advisable that you invest in the future by winning tomorrow’s consumers today. As the world becomes smaller and more interconnected through technology, brand messaging, imagery, culture, and values must also adapt to remain current. MABE brand consultants will work with you in developing and changing your brand’s distinctive features that will continue to draw the attention within your existing communities, as well as attract new and unexplored consumer groups.

 Are you Gen Z ready?

Their habits 

Generation Z is commonly referred to as consumers born in the mid-1990 to mid-2000s.

This group is likely to have the most impact on your brand’s sustainability. They are Information processors at speed, the fastest yet among all generations, born into technology, they are digital pioneers who communication and research through social applications.  

This generation holds an optimistic and open mindset and view of the world and prefers convenience over loyal, time is very important to them and therefore they demand instant access to goods and services. 


Their values 

The environment, clean beauty, Innovation and science, personalization, Inclusivity.

How to target them

Be bold and impactful with your messaging and create virtual communities that provide easy access from anywhere in the world.

Be honest and truthful with them. Be diverse and inclusive. Work with micro Influencers to create a strong impact across society and treat them as individuals, do not make assumptions, nor group them. Be invited to their party, where they go, follow. YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat. Don’t be a hypocrite, mean, and do what you say, make clear your brand values and ethics. Tell a meaningful story; they love stories and, finally, be accessible and readerly available day and night, these guys shop 24hrs per day.


Brand development services

MABE’s brand development consultancy services support new and developing beauty and lifestyle brands with sustainable content creation, brand messaging, values and culture,  social influencer marketing, and recruitment outreach in addition to promoting a brand’s efforts in reaching new audiences.